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Biblioteka Uniwersytecka KUL otrzymała staraniem Pana Michaela VOGGENAUERA z Londynu 92 publikacje podarowane przez angielskich historyków sztuki.

Są to głównie albumy oraz katalogi aukcyjne dzieł sztuki.


Poniżej prezentujemy wybrane publikacje:


  1. 100 of the finest drawings from Polish collections : a loan exhibition under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Stanisław Lorentz, Director of the National Museum of Warsaw and the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Robinson, Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, Heim Gallery [1980]
  2. Art africain et océanien : collection Studer-Koch et divers amateurs. Vente: lundi 6 juin 2005 17h. Sotheby's, 200.
  3. Baron François Gérard (1770-1837) : exhibition and sale of paintings and drawings April 1992. Galerie Arnoldi-Livie.; Jill Newhouse (Gallery)
    Galerie Arnoldi-Livie ; Jill Newhouse [1992]
  4. Le baroque en Boheme : Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, 18 septembre - 7 décembre 1981, Association Française d'Action Artistique, cop. 1981
  5. Borsari A, Ghelfi Roncone C. - Visita alla citta nel tempo : Modena dalla fine dell'Ottocento alla Seconda Guerra Mondiale attraverso la cartolina illustrata : [mostra] Comune di Modena, Assessorato alla cultura, Archivio storico Clara Ghelfi Roncone, Stampa COOPTIP 1981
  6. By Bonhams (Firm) Masters of the Lithograph, The Winkler collection Part I, London 1998
  7. The Capricorn Hours : lot 77 in the sale of Western manuscripts and miniatures; auction: London, Thursday 6 July 2000, Sotheby's 2000
  8. Catalogue of important old master drawings, which will be sold by auction, by Sotheby & Co. [1966?]
  9. Collection Bourgeois Freres : Katalog der Gemälde; Gemälde von Meistern des XIV. bis XVIII. Jahrhunderts. Dumont Schauberg, 1904
  10. An exhibition of old master and English drawings and European bronzes : from the collection of Charles Rogers (1711-1784) and the William Cotton Bequest : on loan from the City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth, Sotheby's 1979
  11. Deutsche Zeichnungen und Aquarelle des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts : Neuerwerbungen der Sammlung der Zeichnungen 1945-1970; Kupferstichkabinett und Sammlung der Zeichnungen, September - Dezember 1971, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin 1971.
  12. Fifty master drawings in the National Gallery of Scotland. National Gallery of Scotland, 1961.
  13. Fine British & European ceramics & glass : including the Fritz & Mary Biemann collection, part 2, Sotheby's [2006]
  14. Herzog Anton-Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig, Herzog Anton-Ulrich-Museum 1980
  15. Italian drawings from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: 18 february - 21 march, 1970 ; a loan exhibition in aid of the Friends of the Ashmolean, Wildenstein & Co. 1970
  16. Johann Jacob Froberger : a hitherto unrecorded autograph manuscript volume containing thirty-five keyboard pieces, eighteen completely new, undocumented and unpublished; lot 50 in the sale of Music and continental manuscipts, L06409; London, Thursday 30 November 2006, Sotheby's 2006
  17. Kataloge des Kunstmuseums Düsseldorf, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, 1967-1986, Vol:4/1(1986)
  18. Lauts J. - Katalog alte Meister bis 1800, Staatl. Kunsthalle 1966
  19. MacDougall Arts - Russian icons and works of art. MacDougall Arts 2011
  20. Medals, bonds & banknotes : Tuesday 15 April 2003 : Ancient, English, world coins & historical medals : Wednesday 16 April 2003, Bonhams 2003
  21. Old masters from the City of Birmingham: a loan exhibition in aid of the Friends of the City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, 11th November - 12th December 1970
  22. Pictures from Southampton: 11 June-18 July 1970: a loan exhibition in aid of Southampton Art Gallery (The Chipperfield Art Gallery Trust), Wildenstein & Co. Ltd 1970
  23. Platonov V., Parravicini G. - Mirrors of the Russian soul : the ancient icons of Karelia, Slough ; Pauline Books & Media 2005
  24. Scott-Taggart J. - Italian maiolica, [Hamlyn] 1972
  25. The School of Bologna 1570 -1730 ; Calvaert to Crespi ; Harari & Johns, Ltd., London, 8th April - 15th May, 1987, London 1987
  26. Sauvagnargues J.- The finest drawings from the museums of Anjers : a loan exhibition under the patronage on Jean Sauvagnargues and Lord Donaldson, Heim Gallery [1977]
  27. Zeri Z.,Gardner E.E. - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation International and Comparative Perspctives Volume V, New York Graphic Society 1973
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